Eatright Radio

The Academy announces the launch EatRight Radio, a new public outreach initiative offering nutrition tips through public service announcements. The PSAs are available on the Academy’s website free of charge to radio stations nationwide. Each EatRight Radio PSA features a registered dietitian offering practical health and nutrition tips, from promoting children’s health to supporting a healthy pregnancy and healthy eating as we age.
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The 30- and 60-second PSAs are developed to appeal to a variety of audiences; each promotes the value of consulting a registered dietitian, the food and nutrition expert. PSAs are available in both English and Spanish.
This new online resource offers a variety of free programming to stations throughout the country, reaching consumers wherever the airwaves find them—behind the wheel, at the gym or while shopping. In this digital age, PSAs will also be shared through social media, blogs and websites.
Visit to learn more and to browse, preview and download PSAs, all free of charge. We also encourage our members to share the PSAs through social media, blogs and websites.
This launch is just the beginning. EatRight Radio will continue to grow with additional PSAs, segments and features coming in September.
To learn more about radio and podcasts and how you can expand your brand while sharing nutrition advice, visit to access the online radio toolkit. This free member resource includes everything you need to get started on radio, from tips on preparing your voice and working with radio to a free catalog of scripts.