National and CNM elections take place February 1-15, 2022.

CNM members on the national slate include:
Treasurer-elect: Amanda Goldman, MS, RD, LD, FAND
HOD Speaker-elect: Ainsley Malone, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
HOD Director: Sherri Jones, MS, MBA, RDN, LDN, FAND
Nominating Committee: Mary Russell, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND
CDR - RDN: Christopher Messenger, PhD, MS, RD, LD and Anne Coltman, MS, RD, FAND

We'll be posting more info on these candidates after January 18, 2022.

The CNM slate includes:

Whitney Duddey, MHA, RD, LD

Nominating Committee Member (vote for 2)
Kim Brenkus, MBA, RDN, LD, FAND
Linda Jean, MS, RDN/LD, CDCES
Linda Pankau, MS, RD/LDN, CNSC
Agnieszka Sowa, MS, RD, LD, CNSC

Secretary(vote for 1)
Sophie Kauffman, MS, RD
Sheryl Lozicki, MBA, RDN

HOD Delegate:
Barbara Lusk, MFCS, RD, LDN, FAND