Member Benefits Overview

CNM offers members a wide array of benefits.  Watch this short orientation video for more info!

Sub-Units We offer 3 sub-units as an added member benefit.  All CNM members have access to sub-unit information and resources.

• Informatics Sub-Unit provides news, informational links and resources to keep pace with food and nutrition informatics, including electronic health records.

• Quality and Process Improvement Sub-Unit provides information and resources on various healthcare quality standards, measures and process improvement methodologies.  The sub-unit collaborates with the Academy’s Quality Management Committee for news, updates and volunteer opportunities.  There is also a separate electronic mailing list (EML) for this sub-unit.

Pediatrics Sub-Unit shares benchmarking data and management, staffing, & program development best practices specific to pediatric services (both acute care and ambulatory). 

Professional Development.  We offer several options for professional development, including:

CNM Annual Symposium where you can earn CPEUs, network with other members, and visit with vendors. Members receive discounted registration. 

CNM Member Reception at FNCE® provides opportunity to have some refreshments, meet other members, and begin to build your professional network. 

CPEU articles in each quarterly newsletter for FREE CEUs.

Self-study webinars.  Review the webinar recording and submit your information.  CPEU documentation is forwarded at the end of each month.

Information and Resources.  CNM continues to expand information available to members. 

Future Dimensions” electronic newsletter published quarterly. Members are also able to access previous archived versions from years past. Newsletters contain cutting edge information and resources along with important notices and updates from the CNM Executive Committee. 

Electronic Mailing List (EML) –The CNM EML is available to all members. However, members must subscribe. Directions for subscribing are located on the CNM website. Our members give rave reviews for the EML. You can pose questions, share ideas, and collaborate with other members. 

CNM Website is the link to information and announcements. You access the newsletters, find updates from the Informatics Subunit, learn of upcoming professional development CEU opportunities and the like. 

Member Resource Library on the CNM website where you can access resources materials, productivity tools, presentations, the grip strength toolkit and more.

Additional member benefits include:

The searchable member directory, with additional search features.  Link here to set up your online profile.

The CNM annual report to members

CNM governance information, including our guiding principles, Executive Committee contact information and CNM's strategic plan

An archive of eblasts sent to all members

You can also learn more about our Electronic Mailing List (EML) and subscribe here