Welcome - New Pediatrics Sub-Unit

The CNM Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the Academy has approved our proposal to form a Pediatric Management Sub-Unit in September 2016.  The goal of this sub-unit is to share benchmarking data and best practices surrounding program development specific to pediatric services (both acute care and ambulatory).   The Sub-Unit will enable CNM members with a special interest in pediatrics to network and share resources. 
The Pediatric Management Sub-Unit will have its own EML (CNMPeds) as well as a resource page on the CNM website Resource Library with a growing number of categories as we add information from the EML.  The group will plan to meet twice yearly at the spring CNM Symposium and at FNCE®
Appointed chair, Caroline Steele, and vice-chair, Deb Hutsler and a group of 17 CNM members officially launched the CNM Pediatric Management Sub-Unit on October 17, 2016 at FNCE®.  The group spent a lively evening brainstorming goals for the sub-unit and discussing what they hope to get out of this group.  We will share this on the Pediatric Sub-Unit Welcome page.
You may join the group by subscribing to the CNM Peds EML with the link available on the CNM website under  CNM Sub-Units >Pediatric Sub-Unit>Pediatrics Electronic Mailing List starting November 1st.   Enter your email and hit subscribe to be a part of this exciting new Sub-Unit!