Welcome to the Pediatric Management Sub-Unit, known as “CNM Peds.”  The goal of this sub-unit is to share benchmarking data and management, staffing, & program development best practices specific to pediatric services (both acute care and ambulatory).  CNM Peds allows CNM members with a special interest in pediatrics to network and share resources.

CNM Peds has its own EML (CNMPeds) and a resource page on the CNM website in the Resource Library.  When you share attachments on the CNMPeds EML, they may be saved for future reference in the Resource Library.  This group meets twice yearly in person at the spring CNM Symposium and at FNCE®.  We hope to also have a Peds specific webinar in the upcoming year.

As of June 2018, we are excited to launch our pediatric staffing survey.  Any organization that offers pediatric services (whether or not the organization is specifically a pediatric facility) may participate in the staffing survey.  The survey link will be sent to sub-unit members via the CNMPeds EML yearly and the results compiled in spreadsheet format in the Resource Library which will allow members to download and sort data pertinent to their needs.

You may join the group by subscribing to the CNM Peds EML with the link available on the CNM website under  CNM Sub-Units >Pediatric Sub-Unit>Pediatrics Electronic Mailing List and hit subscribe.

Appointed chair, Caroline Steele welcomes your participation and feedback. 

Please join us in networking and sharing of ideas!