Welcome to CNM DPG!

What a remarkable year for the CNM DPG! It has been a true pleasure to work with the CNM DPG Executive Committee and members!  We persist in our initiatives to influence and change healthcare through our nutrition leadership and to continue our platform to empower and support our members to advance nutrition practices. Thank you so very much for supporting our DPG this year!

We just completed our CNM Annual Symposium, Strategic Communications: Leading Change to Advance Nutrition Practice, May 2-4, 2019, in Atlanta.  In-coming Chair, Wendy Phillips and the Professional Development committee created an exciting program with plenty of networking opportunities and exhibitors. Learning will be shared in future editions of our Nutrition Dimensions newsletter. If you have not attended a Symposium, please plan to next year, when it will be in held March 19-21, 2020 in Portland, Oregon! Our annual Symposium is a wonderful opportunity to learn, network and reenergize to tackle clinical nutrition management issues and for professional growth.

We also want to encourage you learn more about and participate in the EFFORT studyLink here to watch a short video by Dr. Daren Heyland to learn more about the study that addresses protein in the ICU.

Thank You’s are in order for An Apple a Day, LLC, our professional organization management partner. We could not have been as successful without this team, and truly appreciate their dedication, suggestions and timely support of our CNM Mission and Vision.  Thank you to Rita Brummett who is our DPG Academy Manager, always keeping us on track and helping smooth operations with timely advice to facilitate our DPG-Academy connections.  Thank you to the dedicated officers, committee chairs and members, who are rolling off the executive committee. Welcome to the newly elected officers, Kelly Danis, Chair elect-elect, Gail Seche, Treasurer, Caroline Steele, Delegate, Nominating Committee Chair-elect Kirsten Godwin and Nominating Committee Member, Holly Brennan! Please be assured that all our volunteers are amazing and juggle their many volunteer and regular activities to support our DPG. I don’t know how everyone does it, but they do to the benefit of us all.  We thank our Sponsors! We greatly appreciate their support of the CNM DPG Mission and Vision! And Finally, thank you our loyal CNM DPG Members for sticking with our DPG and recognizing how important it is for our own work at our local levels to stay current on our practices, which is what occurs with CNM DPG Membership.

We have free member webinars! In May, Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD-S will be speaking on turning your nutrition expertise into something to talk about – learn more and register here.  The new 2019-2020 Executive Board and Committees, are charging ahead starting June 1, to continue our work!  Watch for more information on a future webinar with Mary Himmelstein PhD presenting on weight bias and stigma in healthcare settings. Both topics we in clinical management need to be aware of as we create our programs and manage operations.

CNM DPG has again been accepted for a 2019 FNCE® Spotlight session in Philadelphia, October 26-29! Inspiring Leadership and Influencing Change at Every Career Stage. Congratulations to our DPG and our speakers, Wendy Phillips and Caroline Steele! We hope you can join us at FNCE®.

This year the Communications Committee worked very hard to engage and reach out to our members on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)! Thank you, Chair, Cassie Whiddon and Alison Taorima! Please join our social media efforts to stay in touch and keep up with exciting developments in clinical nutrition management!

Please remember to renew your CNM DPG membership, so you can take advantage of our many member benefits, and all the resources on our website

Thank you for a wonderful and productive 2018-2019 year!
Welcome to the new CNM Board and Executive Committee! 2019-2020 is going to be great!
Terese Scollard MBA RDN LD FAND
Your 2018-2019 CNM DPG Chair

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