Welcome to CNM DPG!

CNM DPG is truly a remarkable, hardworking and dedicated group of dietitians!
So much is accomplished in the first half of our business year. It is a pleasure to help forward our DPG key initiatives, support growth of our members’ skills and be part of needed changes in our healthcare environment.  As a profession, we have made such great progress, yet there is so much yet to be done! CNM DPG is here to help! I appreciate all those who are members and leaders…you are sticking with the mission to improve the nutritional health of people and initiate organizational changes to optimize nutrition care for our patients. It is that persistent, day-to-day hard work that will see our CNM DPG Vision mature. A special Thank You to our 2018-2019 DPG Executive Committee leaders who work so hard and volunteer to help lead and teach on behalf of our DPG.

We are so excited for the 2019 CNM DPG Symposium in Atlanta May 2-4, 2019! This Symposium has a new pre-conference special education event, "Effectively Connecting:  Communications Skills That Get Results!" 

Registration is open!  Link to the agenda here.  You can reserve your room now. If you have never attended a CNM Symposium, it will truly change your perspective on practice and help you in your job role. You will find and create a network of like-minded and dedicated dietitians, sponsors and exhibitors who help one another progress, and you will leave with your brain full of ideas and creative approaches to apply in your own work settings.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2019 Symposium.

And consider submitting a QI-PI poster!  Learn more here.

In the coming months, please watch for webinars for our members. CNM is sincere about assuring value for your membership. Our Professional Development Committee is planning free member webinars on several diverse topics in the coming months.

If you are not already a member of our electronic mailing list (EML - formerly  known as the listserv), please sign up! If you worry about too many emails, there are easy settings to slow down messaging frequency. Stay current by watching for our periodic e-blast messages and monthly special communications message “News You Can Use.”  

The Malnutrition Quality Improvement Initiative MQii is seeking facilities to support the project.

We have recently noted a resource to support the use of Nutrition and Dietetics Technicians Registered.  Let’s work to include NDTRs in our operations!  They have much needed skill sets to and advance nutrition care and help our patients.

Thank you!
Terese Scollard MBA RDN LD FAND
Your 2018-2019 CNM DPG Chair

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