FNCE® 2019 is complete, and it was as excellent and energizing as ever! Thank you to the 100+ CNM DPG members who attended our reception that we hosted with the Dietitian in Nutrition Support DPG. It was a fantastic time of networking and sharing ideas for future collaboration in a relaxed but elegant setting. The Executive Committee members were also very pleased to meet current and future members who stopped by the DPG Member Showcase booth. Wendy Phillips and Caroline Steele presented our spotlight session, Inspiring Leadership and Influencing Change at Every Career Stage, moderated by Gisele Leger. This presentation stimulated many great conversations at FNCE®, and we also are inspired by the change management activities you all are leading in your institutions and communities.

During our executive committee meeting, we reviewed our DPG’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan to ensure we have met our goals as a leadership organization. We are proud to say that we have completed our tactics to achieve these goals in each of those years, and we have more great professional learning activities planned for the rest of this year. Our Professional Development Chair Kathy Allen, QPI Chair Donna Belcher, Communications Director Cassie Whiddon, and Member Services Chair Kerry Clark,  offered many great suggestions during our brainstorming meeting for the next three year Strategic Plan, and we will build measurable objectives around those ideas during our December EC meeting teleconference. Contact an EC member if you have ideas to share on our future directions!

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Registration is open for our 2020 CNM Symposium, “Staying the Course:  Nutrition Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Environment” in Portland, Oregon, March 19-21, 2020.
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